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SAAB Roof Racks

Widest Selection of Genuine Saab Roof Racks

Leave it to the Swedes to be unique! Where other major car companies offer a line of roof racks/roof rack attachments for their vehicles, Saab, the flagship automaker from Sweden, offers what they call "load carrying" equipment. It basically amounts to the same thing, except Saab throws a cargo guard and a floor cargo net for their 9-3 and 9-5 models into the "load carrying" category. Another thing that makes Saab different, in case you haven't noticed, is that every model they make begins with the number "9": 9-2X, 9-3, 9-5, 9-7X, 900 and 9000. Now that's different!

Of the various Saab models, all will accept genuine Saab roof racks and attachments except for the 9-3 convertible and the 9-3 Sports Sedan/SportCombi. For the standard 9-3 model, it starts with a tongue and groove, quick-release aluminum C-track roof bar set onto which a ski/snowboard or bicycle rack can be attached and locked into place.

The Saab 9-5 model can be fitted with a roof rack made from either aluminum or steel, onto which a bike carrier can be incorporated. They offer both a standard bike carrier as well as a uniquely designed unit that uses gas struts to automatically lift the bicycle into place from ground level, saving the user from having to do the heavy lifting.

The Saab model 9-7X has a roof-rail bar set available that attaches to the factory-equipped roof rails and, once in place, it's capable of receiving a bicycle carrier, ski/snowboard carrier or surfboard carrier. The Saab 900 and 9000 models can also handle the same three roof rack attachments.

Hitch-mounted bike carriers are available for certain Saab models and are designed to safely and securely carry up to four bicycles at one time. Car models capable of being fitted with this attachment include:

  • 9-2X
  • 9-3
  • 9-5
  • 9-7X

Why Buy Saab OEM Roof Racks?

Saab Roof Racks

"Made in Sweden" has long carried the connotation of precise engineering, exceptionally strong materials and long-life durability. This not only applies to Swedish-made vehicles but genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) accessories as well. While you could buy a roof rack made and distributed by a third-party manufacturer, chances are pretty good that the product wouldn't measure up to Saab's exceedingly high standards. This alone should be reason enough to insist on only the best for your cherished driving machine. "Made in China" somehow just doesn't work here!